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Rhonda Allison Customized Peels

rhonda peels

Progressive Peel

A progressive skin peel is the mildest course of treatment, removing only the outer layer dead skin with no visible peeling. Repeated treatments on a regular schedule, up to once a week, will cause mild exfoliation for the skin with cumulative effects. This is best described as a mild, yet refining, peel.

Mid-Depth Peel
A mid-depth skin peel targets the intra-epidermal layer and may be administered every four to six weeks as needed. Light flaking may occur, similar to a sunburn peel. Mid-depth peels offer excellent rejuvenating effects with minimal to no down time.

Corrective-Post Peel Facial
Rhonda Allison Corrective Facials start with deep pore cleansing. Natural enzymes are applied, which digest epidermis cells and soften texture. Nutrient filled products are then applied, infuses the skin with building & strengthening products to help rosacea, acne, firming, and skin tone.

Seasonal Enzyme Facial
Indulge yourself in our Seasonal Enzyme Facial. Allow your senses to be enlightened through the natural aromas of the Rhonda Allison products. The powerful combination of essential antioxidants and ingredients will leave you fully relaxed and your skin glowing. The products are incorporated into our Signature Facial. Enzymes and products change seasonally in order to help your skin adapt to the ever-changing weather conditions.


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